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Natalie Mack

Natalie Mack is an author, speaker, and veteran home educator with over twenty-two years of service to military homeschooling families and military homeschool support group leadership.

She is known for her words of encouragement and advocacy for

homeschooling, particularly during the journey from high school to college.

Natalie is a mom of five, four college graduates and a rising 12th grader. She is a newly retired 

Navy Chaplain’s spouse after serving alongside her husband for 34 years of military

service. Currently serving as President of Belvoir Home Educators, an active large military

homeschool support group in northern Virginia, Natalie also owns Natalie Mack, LLC

which is a homeschool consultation and evaluation service. Her nonprofit, Military

Homeschoolers Association, provides mentorship to homeschoolers and advocacy for

military homeschooling.

In 2020, she became an HSLDA High School Educational Consultant and in 2021,

she became the Outreach Coordinator to the Military where Natalie provides

resources to military homeschoolers, military homeschool support group leaders and

state homeschool organizations.

Natalie’s published works include the book 101 Tips for Homeschoolers and several articles on HSLDA

Military Families website, MFAN, Military Families Magazine and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

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